Our purpose is to protect, preserve and guarantee that Grandma's Home Baked "PIE" continues to be AMERICA'S #1 dessert. Old Glory, Corvette, "Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies," and PIE are as American as you can get. And The NuPro Company will continue to make its contribution by perpetuating these grand standards.

3 HANDY SIZES - 4, 5 and 6 Cut

STAYS IN THE PIE till it's gone....Why?

• Works perfectly in Cream, Fruit and Meringue Pies.• Dishwasher Safe.• 4 and 6 Cut are a brilliant kitchen white.• 5 Cut a beautiful almond.• Preserves each piece from drying out and running.

• Protects each piece till it's removed and served.

• Perfect portion control. Each piece exactly the same.

• Manufactured to fit 8 inch, 9 inch & 10 inch pies.

About Us

THE NUPRO COMPANY home of the "Stay Fresh Pie Cutter"

Marie Callender and her son Don Callender are the uncontested pioneers of the retail pie/restaurant business. The Southern California based restaurants were unique in their formative days, providing home made, home baked, old fashion environment for customers. Not only was the food delicious but the main feature was PIE, and PIE in quantities we made. Produced on the premises each day were 50 varieties of fruit, cream & specialty pies. Grandma was even running to keep up with this fast moving and innovative approach to producing and marketing PIE. Not only could you order dessert from a lengthy pie list but you could take one home. This was new and the public loved it. Grandma even took a little break and rather than bake her own she could slip into a Marie Callender Pie store, buy a beautiful apple or cherry pie, go home take a nap, and nobody knew the difference. It was a fun business where much was learned about what the public liked about PIE.

Sam Park is the owner of The NuPro Company (piecutters.com) and is a graduate of the Marie Callender Pie concept. He owned and operated 12 franchise restaurants throughout the West including two in California. He was the third franchisee to come aboard in the beginning stages of this unique family dining concept and from there he expanded to Utah, Idaho, Washington & New Mexico.  For Sam it all began in 1968 in Arcadia, California and from there to Toluca Lake, California.  During this time his son Sam Jr. learned as much as he could about the pie business and is now in charge and running the "Stay Fresh Pie Cutter" company which began during those early years. 

Both Sam's became well acquainted with PIES and familiar with the word "perishable." They were taught by the boss "customers" that pie to be excellent MUST be fresh. If they are not handled properly they have a very short shelf life. All restaurant operators are anxious about trying to keep CUT PIES fresh, but the edges, being exposed after cutting, always wanted to "dry out a little." We had stainless steel pie cutters in those days but they were easily damaged in dishwashers and the fins would bend, making irregular slices. Hence the "Stay Fresh Pie Cutter." Yes! you leave it in the pie, after its cut, protecting and ensuring that every piece is fresh, and it's practically indestructible.

The NuPro Company has been manufacturing this handy tool for twenty five (25) years and enjoys a customer base which extends across the United States and Canada. This wonderful patented "Culinary Tool," which has been used so successfully in restaurants has now found a new niche.....Grandma's kitchen, or even yours. They are wonderful gifts and come boxed as the picture shows.


The size of a piece of PIE is, obviously, determined by how many slices you try to cut from the pie. Because this is a preference, we offer the three sizes that are most commonly requested by restaurants and, we assume, by most households, too.

Four, Five & Six Cut

We also manufacture a most unique PIE SERVER (spatula) that fits between the fins of the pie cutter perfectly and has a serrated edge for cutting through the crust of the pie.



Plus $9.60 Shipping/Handling

                                          Outside of the US will have to be actual costs.  We will email you the amount.

All sizes of the "Stay Fresh Pie Cutter," and the handy companion server, come packaged in a beautiful four color gift box. A perfect gift for all occasions.


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