Keeping Your Pies Fresh For Your Gatherings

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It’s Thursday morning, you opened your phone and checked you and your friends’ group chat. Your friend said, “See you Friday evening! It’s a potluck party.” Today is your only free day to prepare for your Friday night out with your friends. How are you ever going to bring in something that is still as good as when you just finished preparing it? The solution? Pie and the best pie cutters in town.

Doesn’t your face just lit up the sky when someone puts down on the table a freshly baked pie? Pies just absolutely bring a festive feel to your lunch, breakfast or dinner, even in just a simple gathering. It’s great for every kind of gathering and here are the reasons why:

1. A Reminder of Nature’s Bounty


There are all sorts of pies – strawberry pies, blueberry pies, pumpkin pies, and a whole lot more. Each kind of pie always has an ingredient that features that beauty of nature. With that, we are reminded of the abundance of nature’s beauty and what they can offer to satisfy our taste buds whether it’s for the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, or just a simple dinner with your family.

While there are a lot of people who do not like eating fruits or vegetables alone, putting it in a pie makes everything different. Sometimes, it makes the fruit better. Putting together two things can really create something beautiful. For this matter, the pie creates something beautiful for the desires of the stomach.

2. Spikes Your Creative Juices

Another great thing about choosing to bring pies in a party is that you are able to be creative about how you make it. There is no exact formula for what kind of pie you should be making and how you should make it. You just know that that pie needs to have zing in the tongue of whoever consumes it.

Whether you choose to make a simple but delicious chicken pot pie or experimenting two kinds of fruits in one pie, go make it as your own and bring out that creative baker in you. You will be surprised to see the many kinds of pies you and your family and friends will enjoy.

3. Versatility

A delicious pie is almost a sure sign that you are about to eat something delicious. What’s great about pies is that you can have a pie as one of the main dishes and you can even have a pie for dessert. Versatility at its finest! In addition, pie is something that you will never get tired of eating. If it’s still fresh, you can even eat it the morning after and it wouldn’t feel like they are leftovers. Oh mamma mia, give me some pie!

4. Part of Tradition


Here’s a reason that is a result of the works of a part of our brain called the limbic system which is in charge of emotions and desires. How is this connected to eating or making pies? Here’s the thing, when you eat pie or see pie being served on the table, doesn’t it just remind you of home? Pie is a sort of time machine that brings you back to when you were a little boy or girl and it was either Thanksgiving or the 4th of July. Home, sweet home. Sweet American home.

Now that all these reasons have been said as to why making and bringing pies for any kind of gathering is great, the question now is, how do you keep it fresh and long-lasting? Easy! What you need a pie cutter that will be able to keep your pies fresh.

The solution to that is NuPro Company’s set of Pie Cutters which are able to protect and guarantee that Grandma’s Home Baked Pie continues to be America’s #1 dessert. That is why NuPro company has created all the equipment needed from pie cutters, to pie spatulas, pie markers, and pie slicers.

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