Pies look so beautiful when they are in their pie tins. However, when you slice them, their appearances will change once you transfer them onto the plate. If you want to be an expert in slicing a pie, then here are some tips for you.

You can choose how many slices you want to cut your pies. But ideally, for your 8″ and 9″ pies, it is recommended that you have to cut them into six slices. Each pie differs from one another so, they also require different types of cutting. Some pies have a delicate and flaky crust, so they require extra care to avoid breaking them. The best way to cut your pie and to avoid its crusts from breaking is to keep your pies chilled or a little bit froze.

You need two knives in cutting your pie. A short paring knife and a long serrated knife. The first piece of pie is often very challenging to serve. If you want to get the best results, then you should use a pie server that can be bent so it fits perfectly to the shape of your pie. This can make it easier for you to lift the sliced pie out of its pie tin.

Here are some instructions on how to slice three different types of pie.

Cream Pies

Cream pies must always be placed in the refrigerator. When you are ready to slice them, then you can take them out from the refrigerator. Put the long-serrated knife on top of the pie. Press it gently up to the ends of the crust. Remember that you are just marking the top of the pie. You are not cutting it all the way yet. Every time you press the knife, you have to wipe it so the cream can look neat. Repeat this process until you have sliced the pie into six slices.

Get a paring knife and slice the pie along its marked lines. Begin in the middle of the pie and slice it through the bottom crust. Don’t forget to wipe the knife after every cut.


Fruit Pies

Before cutting your fruit pies, you have to put it in the freezer for about 15 to 30 minutes. Keep it chilled but not completely frozen. You need to mark the top of the pie with a long serrated knife. Press the knife gently through the edge of the crust. Don’t just cut it yet, simply press it.

When done, get a paring knife and cut the pie along the marked lines. Start in the middle and cut the pie from the top through the bottom crusts. Clean the knife after every cut. You can warm the pie or thaw it at room temperature before serving.

Nut Pies

Nut pies must be firm before slicing them. Put the pie in the freezer for about 1 to 2 hours and make sure that it is well chilled. It’s fine to keep it frozen. Put a cutting board on top of the pie and flip it so it can turn upside down. Remove the pie tin slowly. Get a long-serrated knife and mark the bottom of the crust. Gently cut through the crust and filling but don’t cut it completely through the pie. Bend the knife to cut the edge of the pie.

Press down the knife using both hands so you can cut through the nuts. Repeat the process until you’ve cut the pie into six slices. Return back the tin on the bottom of the pie and flip it over. You won’t notice that the pie has been cut until you have removed the first piece. You can thaw the pie at room temperature before serving.

What is A Pie Cutter?

If you want to create perfect pie slices, then you can use a pie cutter. This is mostly used in restaurants and cafes. It is dishwasher safe and can seal the edges of the pie. Most of all, it can help in keeping your pie look fresher.


A pie cutter or a pie slicer is very easy to use. All you have to do is press it down and its blades will create perfect slices. Isn’t it cool? You can use it for slicing apple pie, banana pie, chocolate pie, blueberry pie, etc.

What are the Features of a Pie Cutter?

A pie cutter is dishwasher safe and can always create perfect pie slices. It can seal the edges of your pie to keep it fresh longer. With a pie cutter, you can always serve restaurant cut pie slices to your family and friends.

This can prevent your kids from complaining that their piece is smaller than the others. All the slices are evenly cut. It only takes a little effort and you can have a perfectly sliced pie. With just a single press, you can have a perfectly looking slice of pie.

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